About Us

Our History

Created in late 2014, the Enterprise section is the arm of The Vermont Cynic dedicated to providing long-form investigative reporting on the issues that should – and do – matter most to its readers.

Birthed from the frustrations of a few reporters struggling to dig as deep as they could into investigating stories due to a tight weekly article cycle, this section exists to be the breeding ground for those who want to find out what is really going on in the world of our readers, taking the careful time to throw our hands as deep into the dirt of news as we can, in as accurate of a process as possible.

Whether it’s confined to UVM’s campus or the state of Vermont as a whole, all that we produce here will be informative and insightful on issues and problems that impact you.

Our Ethics

We abide by the same code of ethics as the entirety of the Vermont Cynic. You can read this here.

Contact Us

If you have any feedback on a particular piece, information you would like looked into, or just want to drop a line, you can contact the Enterprise editor, Pablo Murphy-Torres, at [email protected].